Light & Movement                              

December 3rd 2016 - January 17th 2017  --  EXTENDED UNTIL SATURDAY, JANUARY 28TH

Opening reception:  Saturday December 3rd  5-8pm

Meet the Artists: Tuesday, December 13  6 pm

Meet the Artists: Tuesday, December 20  6 pm                                                                                                         

"The Not Quite Closing Party" January 14  5-7 pm


44  artists have been invited to produce a piece of art that relates to the theme of the show which involves light and movement. While given the ideas of daylight lengthening after winter begins on December 21st - the day with the shortest amount of daylight in the year or the upcoming holidays in December and moving into the New Year on January 1st each artist is free to interpret the theme in their own individual manner.  Each artist has provided written text which hangs alongside of their artwork that explains their interpretation of the theme.

Participating Artists
Kevin Adams / Fabiano Amin / Bramman Avery / Fran Beard / Alan Binstock / Terry Birkel / Maria BouquetJeffrey Bussells / Arleen Cheston / Marcela Olivia Dorantes / Joel D'Orazio / Louisa Dugan / Doug Dupin / Jean Eckert / Nancy Frankel / Sarahti Gassmalla / Susan Goldman / Sylvia Gottwald/ Eduardo Gyles /  J. Ford Huffman / Pilar Jimenez / Dale Johnson / Dennis Kirk / Charlotte Lallement-Klaus / Craig Kraft / Harriet Lesser / Wendy Plotkin-Mates / Kathryn McDonnell /James McMahon / Matt McMahon / Lauri Menditto /EJ Montgomery / Philippe Mougne / Sam Noto / Edwin Nourse / Shane Perry / Heidi Rastin / Alfredo Ratinoff / Mike Shaffer / Marion Van Ruiten / Jose Varela / Richard Weildlinger / Nancy Zabaloieff / Helen Zughaib