Antonia Ramis Miguel

Constructivism: The Structure

September 17 - October 15, 2016

Reception: Saturday,  September 17th 5-7pm

Meet the Artist: Wednesday,  September 28th 6pm

Structure, and balance of the elements.  Line, Texture, Tone or Color, 

the elements to play with: to tame.

 my teacher Alceu Ribeiro would say...

"The subject is the excuse to paint."

 When In front of the easel and confronted with a white canvas the battle is to find a way to bring all those elements to an understanding that will allow for the idea to evolve to the physical reality of the painting.

The subject is the invited guest.

Antonia Ramis Miguel returns to Watergate Gallery continuing her approach to Constructivist art which combines the strength of structured line along with color and abstraction to create a dramatic visual effect that arranges the parts of a subject into a whole.

She was born in Spain and has been painting since childhood.  She studied with Edgardo and Alceu Ribeiro, students of the renowned constructivist Joaquin Torres-Garcia.  The influence of her native Spain, particularly the use of saturated color is still visible in her work.

As I many times say:  "It's not what you paint; it is how you paint, it that will make the difference."

"White Horses",  48" x 36"

"White Horses", 48" x 36"


Also on view 12 outdoor sculptures placed in the

Watergate Plaza and mezzanine level


 Arts in Foggy Bottom Outdoor Sculpture Biennial 

Turf and Terrain

The exhibition was selected by curator Danielle O'Steen in partnership with Arts in Foggy Bottom founders and co-directors Jackie Lemire, Jill Nevius and Mary Kay Shaw with support from the Arts in Foggy Bottom advisory committee.

Turf and Terrain Programming Schedule for Curator and Artist-Led Tours

Friday, September 16 7:00pm

Fog, A Performance by Eames Armstrong

Saturday, October 22 from 4:30-7:30pm (Closing day)

Micro-Ecosystems & Wild Fermentation Workshop by Benjamin Andrew

Saturday, September 17 12:30pm

 All tours begin at 824 New Hampshire Avenue NW     

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