Jorge Cáceres     Deep in My Heart                                             

         January 27 - March 3

Jorge Cáceres was born in Lima Peru. His multi-cultural background gives him the unique ability to convey his creativity through painting.  A self-taught artist, he expresses himself by combining abstract pieces of different colors and shapes.

                      "My art represents a journey of emotions. It begins with the moment I combine the colors and                                the shapes on the canvas and the final result is the understanding between the two."

ARTIST STATEMENT:  I have always been inspired and moved by the culture and the people of Peru.  I have lived in Washington for nearly two decades, but in my heart, it still feels like I haven't left my country. These paintings represent the inspiration I found growing up in Peru – a place of beautiful landscapes and rich history, with endless lines and organic shapes found in its art, architecture and textiles.  I remember studying the Nazca Lines along the coast - large images carved into the ground that extend up to 1.200 feet long.  As a young student, the lines seemed endless.  They were in my mind and my hands when I began to draw on paper and paint on canvas. My travels to Machu Picchu, an ancient city in the Andes Mountains, were a major source of inspiration. 

I remember seeing the large stones fitting perfectly together to create geometric lines.  There was a sense of balance and peace when I looked at them. The stones created such a beautiful contrast to the organic shapes of the land. As an artist, I feel like I carry the same image every time I paint.

Most of the colors I used in this series are influenced by those that I found in Pre-Columbian pottery and ceramics - brown earth tones, reds, as well as black and ivory, creating a beautiful contrast.   Colors have always been a fascination of my life, because I love the sensation of feeling every color.   Each transmits different emotions and experiences.

The creative process behind these paintings was a new discovery for me as an artist.  I found myself not only inspired by the organic shapes that come from nature, but also from the lines and forms of the human body.  There was a lot of interaction involved in creating these pieces.  Sometimes I would rotate the canvas, looking for a different view or perspective. There were times when I would stare at the painting for hours, trying to understand the emotions that came with it.  There were moments of peace and intimacy as well as moments that created a sense of spirituality.