May 11 - June 15


Tisha Balesi Wood

Beyond the Light

Born in the Mediterranean city of Nice, France Tisha Balesi Wood received her formal art education at the Beaux Arts School.  Her formative years were nurtured in traditional European gatherings known as Salons where her family and friends included artists, writers and educators. Raised traveling between the United States and France she has enjoyed a dual and bilingual culture basking in the saturation of Mediterranean colors and the beauty of North American landscape. She paints with watercolors, oils and acrylics, displaying a strong palette knife stroke in acrylic as well as a delicate brush when painting plein air water.  As a classically trained artist Tisha's works reflect a passion for an impressionistic view.  She completes a sensory experience in her paintings causing them to dance off the canvas.  The colors in her landscapes and portraits enchant the eye.