Human Trafficking: Reclaiming Freedom 

September 25th - November 4th

Collaborative Exchange Project and Exhibition for Poets and Artists

This exhibition, curated by Helen Frederick, is part of the city-wide events organized by the non-profit organization                           ARTWORKS FOR FREEDOM, dedicated to raising awareness and inspiring action on human trafficking in the                           Washington DC metro area and all around the world. 

                                                               Artists and Poets featured in the exhibition

                                        Oletha DeVane and Efia Dalili                  Elisa Wiarda and Sweta Srivastava Vikram

                                         Tim Davis and Carol Beane                     Nehemiah Dixon lll and Tsedaye Makonne

                                         Steve Skowron and Rod Smith               Susan Main and Elizabeth Halper          

                                        Cheryl Edwards and Fred Joiner              Jessica Kallista and Jennifer Atkinson  

                                        Kay Chernush and Mel Nichols                Schroeder  Cherry and Thomas Estler

                                        Julie Wills and AmaranthBorsuk              Helen Zughaib and Zein El-Amine

                                        Margot Neuhaus and Anne Dykers         Shanti Norris and Sarah Browning

                                        Elizabeth Board and Lisa Short                Carien Quiroga and Holly Mason

                                        Jeremy Kunkel and Danielle Badra           Martin Swift

                                       Christopher Kajzar                                     Arts in Foggy Bottom