Sept 22 - Oct 6, 2018


Marcela Olivia Dorantes & Sylvia Gottwald

Paintings, Sculpture and Art to Wear

MOD - Marcela Olivia Dorantes is a prominent artist that works between London, UK and Washington, DC. MOD examines the interactions of nature, wildlife, domestic animals and humans to express the experience of expansiveness, intimacy, domesticity and remoteness through her keen sense of space, shape, color and form. Nature, Using the versatility of color in her art is her exclamation of gratitude to the world and synergy of life.  My latest paintings have submerged themselves into my experience of the ocean, my human perspective when it comes to our human effect on the ocean, and my love for animals. Ocean is the mother of us all, and we must open ourselves up to our planet’s oceanic water, its surfaces and its depths, to properly revere our ocean, our animal life, and our ecosystem.

Sylvia Gotwald's work is synonymous with nature. She tries to showcase the beauty of nature with minimal intrusions leading to the avant-garde and extraordinary. Her architectural background lends to her vast imagination and vision using primarily natural materials such as pearls, mother of pearl and a variety of shells from sustainable pearl farms. Her jewelry can provide instant transformation