Linda Troeller

Healing Waters and Beyond

March 18th - April 15th

Reception: Monday, March 20th 6-7:30pm

An exhibition of Art Photographer Linda Troeller’s series of HEALING WATER spa photographs which includes photographs taken at spas in North America and Europe where she illustrates the body and mind experience that is generated at spas.  This exhibit is held in conjunction with a symposium held at the Argentta Spa at the Watergate Hotel.  There will also be photographs on display from two series of photographs that Linda Troeller is well known for and brought critical awareness: CHELSEA HOTEL where she lived in New York City for twenty years and TB-AIDS DIARY exploring issues of stigma by comparing the response to TB patients in the 1930s to the reaction toward AIDS sufferers .

Tisha Balesi Wood

A Fresh Look at Impressionism Today

April 22nd - May 20th

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 22nd 5-7pm

Meet the Artist: TBD

Closing party Saturday, May 20th 5-7pm

Jorge Caligiuri & Richard Binder

Painting & Sculpture

May 30th - June 1st  

Reception: Saturday June 3rd 

Meet the Artist: TBD

Summer Art Show

July 1st - Sept 2nd

     J. Ford Huffman - Barbara Kobylinska - Jane Pettit - Wendy Plotkin-Mates - Carol Radin - Veronica Szulus - Josh Whipkey 



Haitian Paintings Fall 2017